The Placement Test

The first time your students log in to Prodigy Math, they’ll enter a world filled with epic quests and exciting adventures! They’ll also start completing the Placement Test automatically — without even realizing they’re being evaluated. 

If you're a parent looking for more information on the Placement Test, check out our support article linked here.

Please Note:

A Placement Test is not available for Prodigy English at this time.

Common Core reading and learning content (grades 1-5 currently available with further grades to follow) will be presented to students for the grade they selected at the time of account creation, or the grade level of their current classroom.

The Placement Test starts gathering insights as soon as students start their first math battle, and automatically runs every January and August

The Placement Test determines the math content students see in-game and places students at the grade level that’s right for them. It’s the baseline that all their other math work in Prodigy builds on. 

Watch the video below for more information! 

How does it work?

The Placement Test starts with content in the grade levels below the grade selected at the time of registration and moves up to one grade level above.

Typically, the grade level is chosen by the teacher who created the account/classroom. If a student creates an account, make sure they select the correct grade!

The student will then begin to encounter representative strands or domains from the grade. The student will continue to move forward until the system determines their approximate level of understanding.

Using the information based on strengths and weaknesses within each strand, the system will place each student in the appropriate grade level.

How long does the Placement Test last?

The Placement Test is scheduled for 3 weeks on your assessment calendar as it typically takes students 3-4 sessions to complete the test.

Since every student is unique it may take some longer than others. Our Prodigy teachers recommend scheduling three or four 15-minute sessions until the Placement Test is complete! 

Where can I see the results? 

Results of the Placement Test can be located on your Dashboard widget entitled "Placement Test Results". Information on Dashboard widgets can be found here.  

You can also find more detailed information on your reports page under Placement Test Report here.

Can I change the grade a student places in?

If the Placement Test has resulted in an erroneous grade selection, which can occur if, for example, the student was provided aid during the test, then there is an override.

Information on the override can be found here.

Can I have my students retake the test?

At this time, the Placement Test cannot be re-assigned manually to your students.

Will the results of the Placement Test change as my students progress?

Your students' grade levels will change as they progress.

For example, if they are placed in Grade 3 then they will start at 0% of Grade 3. Once they master all skills within Grade 3 they will begin with Grade 4 content.

This could happen before the next Placement Test is provided!

It's been a while and my student hasn't completed the test, why?

There are a few things that might prevent a student from completing the Placement Test. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

The Placement Test report gives you a deep, comprehensive snapshot of student learning. Use it to:

  • Plan lessons
  • Set up fun station rotation activities
  • Communicate with parents about student progress
  • Deliver targeted intervention or small group instruction
  • Differentiate math content in Prodigy or in the classroom
  • Engage and reward students to get them excited about math
  • Set assessments that align Prodigy questions with your lesson plans all year long

And so much more!

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