How-to: Connect Students with their Parents

You may notice that on the Students tab of your Teacher Account, some of your students are not connected to a Parent Account. If you'd like your students' parents' to create an account of their own, you can email out an invitation to them!

Through creating a Parent Account and linking it to their child, parents will get access to a monthly report card of their child’s progress, plus at-a-glance views of their child’s math achievement on Prodigy. 

They’ll also be able to set Goals and send their child in-game Rewards, which motivate them to answer more curriculum-aligned questions!

Here's how to send them:

1. Once logged into your Teacher Account, select the classroom you want to send parent invites to.

2. Click on the Students tab in the left-hand menu. You’ll see a list of all the students in your classroom, as well as whether or not they have a parent attached to their account.

3. Select Invite parents from the widget at the top.


4. Under each student without a parent, enter their parent's email address. 


5. Once you’ve entered all your parent emails, click Review invites and double-check that your students are matched with the correct parent email.

6. Click Send invites - and you're all set! You can send one invite per student, up to a maximum of 25 parent invites per day.

Parents will receive an invite asking them to sign up for Prodigy and attach their child’s account. If they already have an account but haven’t attached their child, they’ll be able to skip straight to that step!

Check your Teacher Dashboard to view the status of your invitations. There you can edit, resend or cancel any pending invites.

Prefer to send out physical parent letters? No problem! Our personalized parent letters include: 

  • Student Username and Password
  • Information about Prodigy
  • Instructions for the parent to create a free Prodigy Parent Account

If your students are learning from home, you have the option to download student login information as individual PDFs. Then, you can easily email student information to parents as a PDF attachment.

IMPORTANT: Parent letters contain a student's unique username and password and should be kept confidential to prevent any unauthorized access.

Do not post this PDF document online on any channel or website accessible to someone who is not the parent. We highly recommend you share this information with parents directly on 1:1 channels like SMS, email or print.

Click here to find more information on how to email parent letters.

To access parent letters in PDF format for easy printing, take the following steps from your classroom page: 

Please Note: Accounts linked with Google account information cannot be displayed. You will need to contact your admin or Google for this information.

1. Select the class that you'd like to print parent letters for.

2. Select Students from the left side of the page.

3. Select Get Parent Letters. 

You'll then be presented with 3 options:

- English - Single PDF

This will create a single PDF, with all of your students' Parent Letters within it.
- English - Individual PDFs 

This will create an individual PDF for each of your students so that you can easily email their information to a parent or guardian.

- Español (Single PDF)

This will create a single PDF in Spanish, with all of your students' Parent Letters within it.

4. Share the letter with parents.

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