Overview: Math Dashboard

Each of your Prodigy Math Classrooms has its own unique dashboard where you can see valuable data on your students at a glance.

For information on the Prodigy English Dashboard, please visit this support article instead.

Check out our video below, or continue reading for more details!

When you first login to your Teacher Account, you'll automatically be shown the dashboard for the classroom at the top of your list. To view a different classroom dashboard, simply click the dropdown at the top left of your screen and select the desired classroom. 


Once on the dashboard for your desired class, you'll see a few widgets to help keep your students engaged with their math practice and see how your students are performing at a glance! 

Monthly Reward


Each month, teachers can set a goal their class to complete that will reward students with an exclusive in-game item or buddy! 

Simply click the Select a topic dropdown, choose a topic, then click Set a topic goal, as pictured above to initiate the goal for your classroom. The goal and reward for each month are listed within the widget. 

Your widget will also display the time period in which your class must complete their goal, pictured above you can see that this class would have from Wednesday February 21st to Tuesday February 27th to complete 10 questions in order to receive a Rocklove Bear House Item.

Students can claim their rewards from their mailbox in Prodigy Math.

Weekly Challenge

To the right of the Monthly Reward widget, you can quickly set a weekly challenge for your entire class so that they can earn a reward.


As long as the class reaches 50 questions answered, you can return to this widget to send them a reward to their in-game mailbox.


Student Leaderboard 

Underneath the reward widgets, we have the leaderboard which shows you how your students are doing for the current week. You can also view results for last week, yesterday and today from the drop-down.


Class Challenge

The Class Challenge widget allows your class to compete with others every 2 weeks. The class that answers the most questions correctly during that time period (viewable via the dropdown as pictured below) will be rewarded with in-game gold and printable certificates!

You can read more about Class Challenges in our support article linked here.


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