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Why have my students not completed the placement test?

There are a few different reasons why a student's placement test results might be listed as In Progress despite continued engagement with the game. Please click each reason for a more detailed explanation.

Grade Override is in place

The curriculum override is designed to be a fail safe for when a placement test goes awry.

For example: when a parent or peer helps a student answer questions they would not be able to answer on their own resulting in a higher placement then is appropriate.

When an override is put into place for a student it serves a similar function to the placement test. Therefore, when one is put in place it pauses the test until the override is removed.

For more information on the override, click here.

Active assignment in place

Assigned questions take precedent over all others, including the placement test. So, if an assignment is created either during the placement test or before a student begins playing the placement test will be paused until such a time that they complete all assigned questions or the assignment end date elapses.

Active plan in place

Plans are designed to align the content in game with the content being taught in class. Therefore, when a plan is created for your students, we place the importance on this alignment. Therefore, the placement test will be paused until such a time that they complete or are removed from the plan or the plan's end date elapses.

For more information on our planner tool, click here.

If you've investigated these scenarios and none apply, then please contact Customer Support at for further assistance.

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