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Placement Test

Each student, when they first start to play Prodigy are placed in a placement test. This test is used to help determine which is the right material for each individual student. This contributes, in partnership with our continuous adaptive system, to a completely customized set of content tailored to the individual. 

How Does It Work? 

The placement test takes the students selected grade at the time of registration and pulls them back by one grade.

Using this as a starting point the student will then begin to encounter representative skills from the grade. For each skill encountered the student will answer 5 questions.

The student will continue to move forward through the selected skills until they answer 3 or more incorrectly from the 5. This will determine their upper bound. They will then move incrementally backwards through a set of pre-defined skills to determine their lower bound. Lower bound is determined by answering 3 of 5 questions correctly from a skill.

Using this information the student will be placed. 

How long does the placement test last? 

It will depend on the student, and their current understanding of the material presented. For those that struggle early on, it will take less time, for those that perform well, it may take longer to determine the appropriate grade level. 

Where Can I See The Results? 

Results of the placement test can be located on your Dashboard widget entitled "Placement Test Results". Information on Dashboard widgets can be found here.  You can also find more detailed information on your reports page under Placement Test Report here.

Can I Change The Grade Selected? 

If the placement test has resulted in an erroneous grade selection, which can occur if for example, the student was provided aid during the test, then there is an override. 

Information on the override can be found here

Can I have my students re-take the test? 

No, the placement test cannot be re-assigned to your students. 

Will the results of the placement test change as my students progress? 

No, the placement test result will remain unchanged despite continued play. A better way to measure student progress is through our reporting tools. Learn more here

It's been a while and my student hasn't completed the test, why? 

There are a few things that might prevent a student from completing the placement test and the results being displayed on your dashboard. You can find out more about this by clicking here

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