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Placement Test

Each student, when they first start to play Prodigy are placed in a placement test. This test is used to help determine that the best material for each individual student is given within the strands/domains they will be working through and place them in the most appropriate grade according to their answers. This contributes, in partnership with our continuous adaptive system, to a completely customized set of content tailored to the individual.

Every student is placed in a placement test at the beginning of the school year. We place each student within a grade level for each strand/domain, until we understand their overall grade level. Each student will receive a customized set of content in the placement test tailored to their level of knowledge as an individual.

How Does It Work?

The placement test will start with content one grade level below their selected grade at the time of registration. The grade level is chosen by the teacher who created the account/classroom unless the student is not attached to a class.

Using this as a starting point the student will then begin to encounter representative strands or domains from the grade. The student will continue to move forward through the selected strands/domains until the system determines their approximate level of understanding.

Using the information based on strengths and weaknesses within the strands, the system will examine the cumulative average of questions answered and the student will be placed in the appropriate grade level.

How long does the placement test last?

The Placement Test is scheduled for 3 weeks on your assessment calendar since it typically takes students 3-4 sessions to complete the test. Remember the more time they play the sooner they will get placed within a grade!

Please note, that it will depend on the student, and their current understanding of the material presented. The placement test may take a few sessions, as there is a large amount of granular data being collected and checked against numerous strands of content. For those that struggle early on, it will take less time, for those that perform well, it may take longer to determine the appropriate grade level.

Where Can I See The Results? 

Results of the placement test can be located on your Dashboard widget entitled "Placement Test Results". Information on Dashboard widgets can be found here.  You can also find more detailed information on your reports page under Placement Test Report here.

Can I Change The Grade Selected?

If the placement test has resulted in an erroneous grade selection, which can occur if for example, the student was provided aid during the test, then there is an override.

Information on the override can be found here.

Can I have my students re-take the test?

At this time, the placement test cannot be re-assigned manually to your students.

Will the results of the placement test change as my students progress?

The students grade level will change as they progress. For example, if they are placed in Grade 3 then they will start at 0% of grade 3. Once they master all skills within Grade 3 they will begin with grade 4 content. This could happen before the next placement test is provided by the system.

It's been a while and my student hasn't completed the test, why?

There are a few things that might prevent a student from completing the placement test and the results being displayed on your dashboard. You can find out more about this by clicking here.

Use this valuable information to identify where your class is excelling or struggling so that you can customize the content in game for them.

Make the most of your placement test reports today! 

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