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How-to: Upgrade your Membership

With Prodigy, it’s now easier than ever to ensure your membership plan is the right one for you and your child.

Following the introduction of our Level Up and Ultimate packages*, you now have the option to upgrade your membership from your existing plan to either of these new packages!

Level Up users wishing to upgrade to our Ultimate package are also able to do so.

Upgrading your membership via your Parent Account converts the remaining time in your current billing period to the package of your choice.

After upgrading, your subscription will renew for the package you’ve upgraded to.

*Our new membership packages, Prodigy Level Up and Prodigy Ultimate are being gradually rolled out worldwide in the coming weeks and months, and as such, may not be available in all regions.

At this time there are a handful of scenarios for which the option to upgrade your membership will not appear on your Parent Account:

  • Family Memberships (When 2 or more are purchased at the same time)
  • Group Memberships
  • Teacher Referral Memberships
  • Memberships purchased through Apple
  • Unassigned Memberships - membership must be applied to an account in order to upgrade (Instructions on how to do so can be found in this article)

Need help?

Please feel free to click Submit a ticket at the bottom of this page if you'd like help upgrading!


1. Log in to your Prodigy Parent Account. If you need help, visit the article linked here.

Don't have an account?

Visit the article linked here (opens new tab) for help!

2. Navigate to the Memberships page by clicking Memberships, or the yellow Prodigy icon in the top right corner of your screen.


3. Click “Upgrade” on the membership you’d like to upgrade.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions.

You’re all set!

You will only be charged the difference in value between your existing package and the upgraded package when upgrading via your Parent Account.

The same credit card used at the time of subscription will be charged reference your email receipt from if you’re unsure which card you subscribed with.

Detailed instructions on how to access your receipt and/or update your card are listed in the FAQ below.


Can I switch from a Monthly plan to an Annual etc.?

No, our upgrade process does not currently support switching your billing plan.

I have an existing membership - how do I access my Parent Account?

A Parent Account is automatically created for you at the time of subscription using the same email address input at the time of purchase.

For more help, please visit this article (opens a new tab).

I'm receiving an error message during the upgrade, why?
In this case, ensure that your membership has been assigned to a student account. Visit this article for help with that!

If you still encounter an error after assigning the membership, you may be ineligible to upgrade via this process.

Please feel free to contact Prodigy Customer Support via the Submit a Ticket link below and we'd be happy to help!

I don’t want to use the same card I subscribed with/where can I find my receipt?

Prodigy receipts are sent via with the subject line "Your Prodigy receipt".

If you’d like to charge a different credit card when upgrading, you would first need to update your credit card via a receipt sent by Prodigy.

Please note, updating your card via the method below will also update your card for any future renewals.

1. Once you've found your email receipt, open the attached PDF and select View & Manage this Subscription.


2. The following page contains the details of your account, select Update Card.


3. You can now update your card information. Click Save New Card Details.


Once you’ve saved your new card details, return to your Parent Account to process your upgrade!

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