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How-to: Apply or Transfer a Membership to a Student

Whether you've purchased one membership or several through our Group Membership option, you'll need to apply them to your student's account(s).

You can also follow this process if you'd like to transfer a membership from one student to another.

Here's how!

1a. After logging in to your Teacher Account, select your name from the top of the page and then select Memberships.


1b. On mobile, open the menu in the top-left corner, tap your email address, then select Memberships.


2. Select Choose Student or, if transferring, Switch Student.


3. Select the student whose account you'd like to apply the Membership to and select Save Changes.

If the account you'd like to apply the membership isn't listed, then select the button labelled "Need to add a student? Click here" and you'll be taken to the Students page to pair the account to your class.


From there, you can follow the instructions in this article to add the student account of your choice.

That's it! Your student now has access to their membership benefits, we sure hope they enjoy it.

Happy Learning! 

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