Prodigy Math Membership Packages

Prodigy was founded on the principle that access to education should be a basic human right, with the goal of providing equitable access to a fun and engaging game-based learning experience.

Through this approach, approximately 20 million students a year enjoy completely free access to Prodigy Math and its catalogue of more than 50,000 questions, and 1,500 curriculum-aligned skills. 

This unrivalled free access is supported by optional memberships that parents can purchase for their children, providing additional parent features to help them stay invested in their child’s education, as well as additional gameplay features which can boost student engagement and motivation to practice more math. 

To provide more choice for parents we’ve launched two new membership packages to choose from for Prodigy Math: Prodigy Level Up and Prodigy Ultimate.

Members who subscribed to Prodigy Math prior to August 2021 or via the App Store* will be on our Legacy package and may be eligible to change their membership package by following the instructions within this article.

Prodigy Memberships can motivate students to practice even more math and give parents powerful tools to support their child’s learning journey. 

Take a look at the tabs below for more information on each of our new membership packages!


Prodigy Level Up Prodigy Ultimate

For Students:

  • Access the Mythical Epics quests - read more in this article!
  • Member-exclusive gear and items
  • Access to pet evolution
  • Monthly Member boxes
  • Access the Dark Tower game zone

For Parents:

  • Set goals for your child to win in-game rewards
  • Access to Practice Areas with curated math worksheets
  • Grade Override - adjust the difficulty level of questions your child receives
  • Curriculum Coverage Report - an overview of what skills your child has mastered in Prodigy
  • Access curated video lessons to help your child learn concepts
  • Comparison Insights - A report sent out 3 times per year outlining your child's progress as compared to their peers 


I’m an existing member, what does this mean for me?
If you’d like to change your existing membership package to Prodigy Level Up or Prodigy Ultimate, log in to your Parent Account and navigate to the Memberships tab. For more help, you can follow the instructions within this article.

Will group purchasing for schools and homeschooling groups still be available?
Yes - group purchasing is still available!

As of February 1st, 2022 memberships obtained as part of a group purchase will be on our Level Up package.

You can learn more about group purchases in this article.

*Please note: if your membership was purchased via the App Store, you’ll need to contact Prodigy Customer Support for help changing your package!

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