How-to: Apply a Membership to a Child's Account

Did you know: Prodigy memberships are applied at the student account level?

This means that even if you've purchased a membership, you may need to take the added step of applying it to your child's account before they're able to access all of their perks!

Once you've purchased a membership follow the instructions below to apply it to your child's account.

(If you still need to link your child's account to yours, follow the steps here.)

1. After logging in, select Memberships from the top-right of your Parent Dashboard


2. Select Assign.


3. Click the drop-down underneath "Assign membership to:" and select the account you'd like to apply the membership to. Then, click "Assign membership".


If the account you'd like to apply the membership to isn't listed, then select + Add a child account.

That's it! Your child now has full membership benefits! We sure hope they enjoy it!

If you ever need to transfer the membership to a different account, follow the guidance within this article here.

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