Assessments: Assignments, Plans and Test Preps

Assessments are a great tool to keep your students engaged and reinforce the material you're delivering in class.  To find out more detail on a specific assessment type, simply click on the title.

Here is a video that quickly covers our assessment types, and how to use them!

Please Note:

All assessments are presented in order of priority (1. Test Prep 2. Assignments 3. Plan) and then by the creation date.

At this time, there is no option to print/provide separate worksheets from a Teacher Account.  All education content is contained within the game.

How to create an Assessment

1. Log in to your Teacher Account and navigate to the classroom you'd like to create an Assessment for.


2. From the sidebar, select the subject you'd like to create an Assessment for, Math or English.


3. Select Assessments


4. Select Create, then select the assessment type you would like to proceed with. 

At this time, only the Assignment Assessment type is available for English.



By creating a plan, you can select up to three skills/expectations for your class to work on for a set period of time. Plans are class-wide by default, there is no option to exclude students. 


With an active Plan, student's will only receive questions from the skills you've selected, so if they're active players we recommend setting them for a shorter period of time (days, not weeks!).

If you are looking to assign work to individual students, you'll want to create an Assignment instead. 

Plans are an excellent way to reinforce content you've been teaching in class, and feature the following:

  • Detailed reporting
  • In-game hints available to students
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • Adaptive elements remain, please see FAQ: Planner for further details
  • If a student is more than 1 grade above or below the plan's grade range, they will not see the plan


How long will my students work on my plan? 

Students will be presented with questions from the skills/expectations you select for the entire duration of your plan. Keep this in mind when selecting the plan date range, as questions will repeat if students work through all of them and there is no other assessment in place.

What happens after the end date for my plan? 

  • If you have an additional plan set, they'll move on to the next one.
  • If your students have mastered the selected skill, they will not return to the normal line of adaptive questions (as this is assigned content they will continue answering the same questions until the plan has been completed)
  • If they were still in progress or struggling with the skill, they'll continue to work on the planned skill(s)

What if I create an assignment, or have already created an assignment for my students? 

Assignment take priority over plans, if an assignment has been provided to your students, they will need to answer all questions from the Assignement(s) prior to receiving questions from your plan(s).

Can plans be provided to a specific group of students within my class?

No, your plans will be provided to every member of your class list by default. Assignments, however, can be assigned to specific students.

How do I edit the start/end date of my plan or delete it? 

Click on the skill from your assessment calendar/list view and select Edit. Select Delete if you'd like to remove it entirely.

My students aren't receiving my plans, why?

Please refer to this article (opens new tab).


This assessment type is a great way to determine a student's level of understanding of a given skill as a diagnostic or summative assessment and features the following:

  • Multiple assignments can be created for the same date range and will be presented in order of creation date.
  • Can be assigned to the entire class, or individual students
  • Detailed reporting displaying questions asked, and answers given (if incorrect)
  • Multiple skill selection 
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • No adaptive elements.  The student will encounter all questions in the skill if assigned.
  • Ignores Placement Test grading

Assignment Creation Steps

From the Assessments tab, the widget will prompt you to "Select skills for your assignment".

Here you can search for a skill to assess, filter by grade and view applicable skill(s) through the pull-down menus. (Note: to select an entire skill, click the checkbox next to the topic name as pictured).


Hovering over the eye icon will provide you with a sample question for the selected skill.

At the bottom of the widget, you can select the number of questions from each skill you'd like included on the assignment.


The final step in the process will let you select which students receive your assignment (Entire class by default), adjust the assignment length and name your assignment.


When you're happy with your selection, click Create assignment

That's it! Your assignment is now created and students will receive questions from the selected skills during the assignment period.

How to Edit an Assignment

If you'd like to change an element of your assignment, you can do so by selecting it from your Assessment calendar/list and then select Edit.

You may wish to edit an assignment to:

  • Change the selected skill(s) for the assignment
  • Change the title
  • Adjust the number of questions
  • Change which students the assignment is provided to (useful if a student joined after the assignment was created)
  • Change the start and end dates for the assignment

When you're happy with your changes, select Save

At any time you can view your assignment report by selecting the purple line in your Assessment calendar/list and then selecting "View Report".

You can also remove the assignment by selecting it from the calendar/list and selecting Delete, after which you'll be asked to confirm your choice.

Standardized Test Prep

Prepare your students for standardized testing by providing them with practise questions on Prodigy!

Similar to Plans, test preps are class-wide by default, there is no option to exclude students. Only one test prep can be active at a time.

Standardized test preps feature:

  • Detailed reporting displaying questions asked, and answers given (if incorrect)
  • All skills provided by grade and curriculum, no option to modify
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • No adaptive elements - students will encounter all questions in the skill
  • There is no grade restriction for the class.  If applied through the assessment calendar, all students within the class should receive the test prep

When creating a test prep, you will be asked to select which test you would like to prepare your students for, and which grade level it is to be assigned.

Once you have decided on your test, you will be prompted for a date range for your students.  This can be modified after creation if an error was made.

How to delete an assessment

Need to delete one of your assessments? Follow the steps below:

  • Select the assessment on either the calendar or list
  • Select Delete 
  • Confirm by clicking Delete assignment 

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