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Assessments: Assignments, Plans and Test Preps

Are you looking to find out the differences between plans and assignments, so that you can figure out which one would work best for you?  Below is a list of what each are able to do.  To find out more detail on a specific assessment, please click on the title.

Here is a video that quickly covers our assessments, and how to use them

Please Note: All assessments are presented in order of priority (Test Prep > Assignments > Plan) and then by the creation date.

At this time, there is no option to print/provide separate w
orksheets.  All of the math content is contained within the game.

How to provide an assessment

1. Select the class that you'd like to provide an assessment to.


2. Select "Assessment" from the sidebar menu on the left. 


3. Select "Create"


Then select the assessment type you would like to proceed with.



The assessment calendar is a tool that you can use to align the content your students encounter in Prodigy with the material you're teaching in class.

  • Single plan for a single topic created at a time.  These cannot overlap
  • Detailed reporting
  • Class-wide by default, no option to exclude students
  • Hints available
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • Adaptive elements remain, please see FAQ: Planner for further details.
  • If the student is more than +/- 1 grade outside of plan's grade range, they will not see the plan.
  • Students can fail out of a plan if they fail 3 skills consecutively from the beginning

How long will my students work on my plan? 

Your students will stop working on your plan under the following circumstances:

  • The end date for your plan elapses.

What happens when the end date for my plan elapses? 

It depends on a few factors. 

  • If you have an additional plan set, they'll move on to the next one.
  • If your students have mastered the selected skill, they will not return to the normal line of adaptive questions. (as this is assigned content they will continue answering the same questions until plan has been completed)
  • If they were still in progress or were struggling with the skill, they'll continue to work on your planned skill.

How can my student fail out of my planned skill and what happens? 

If your student answers three questions from your planned skill incorrectly, they will fail out and be locked out of these questions until they answer at least 20 questions from outside of the skill. If they answer 20 questions outside of the skill, they'll be returned to it the next time they login.

If another skill is available your students will automatically be moved to the next selected skill in your plan. If no additional selected skills are available they'll be moved back to the normal line of questions.

What happens if I create an assignment or have already created an assignment for my students? 

Assignments still take precedence over all other material. So, if an assignment has been provided to your students, they will need to complete it prior to receiving your plan(s).

Can I edit who my plans are provided to?

No, your plans will be provided to every member of your class list.

What about my plan can I edit? 

During creation, you can select an entire topic to assign or you can customize which skills are selected from within the topic.  Once created, you can edit the start and end date of your plans.

How do I edit the start/end date of my plan or delete it? 

Click on the skill from your assessment calendar and select "Edit". To delete the plan select "delete".

My students aren't receiving my plans, why?

Please check the article here. 

  • Allows you to have multiple assignments available for the same date range.  These are presented in order of creation date.
  • Option to assign to specific students, or whole class
  • Detailed reporting (Show's questions asked, and answers given if incorrect)
  • Multiple skill selection (maximum 50 questions)
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • No adaptive elements.  Student will encounter all questions in the skill if assigned
  • Ignores placement test grading

Once you are on the assessment page, the window will prompt you with "Select skills for your assignment". From here choose your location, grade and then the applicable skill(s) through the pull-down menus.
(Note: to select an entire skill, click the checkbox next to the topic name)


You'll then select how many questions from each skill you would like to provide.  The maximum total for this is 50 questions.


The final step in the process will let you name your assignment, and choose which students are included.  (Note: You can click the top checkbox to select all of the students within the class.)


When you're happy with your selection, select "Next". 

Next, select the start and end date for your assignment from the calendar menu and then select "Create".



That's it! Your assignment is now created and will appear as a purple line in your calendar.

If at any time you'd like to change an element of your assignment, you can do so by selecting the purple line in your calendar and selecting "edit".

You'll be able to edit the following details: 

  • Selected skill for the assignment
  • Assignment title
  • Number of questions
  • Students the assignment is provided to
  • Start and end dates for the assignment

When you're happy with your changes, select "Save". 

At any time you can view your assignment report by selecting the purple line in your calendar and then selecting "View Report".

At any time you can completely remove the assignment by selecting the purple line in your calendar > selecting "Delete" and then confirming your selection by clicking on "Delete assignment".

Standardized Test Prep
  • Only a single test can be active at one time.  These cannot overlap.
  • Provided class wide by default, no option to exclude students.
  • Detailed reporting (Show's questions asked, and answers given if incorrect)
  • All skills provided by grade and curriculum, no option to modify
  • Date limit of 30 days
  • No adaptive elements.  Student will encounter all questions in the skill if assigned
  • There is no grade restriction for the class.  If applied through the assessment calendar, all students within the class should receive the test prep
  • The student can 'fail out' of the test prep if too many questions are answered incorrectly in succession.  If this is the case, they will not be prompted with any further questions from that specific test prep.

When starting, you will be asked to select which test you would like to use, and which grade level that is to be assigned.

Once you have decided on your test, you will be prompted for a date range for your students.  This can be modified after creation if an error was made.


The test does have the some of the elements of both the plan, and assignment functions through the assessment setup that you are most likely already used to.  If you have any further questions, please contact us via one of the channels listed below.

How to delete an assessment

Need to deleted one of your assessments? Follow the steps below

  • Left click on the assessment on your calendar
  • Provided class wide by default, no option to exclude students.
  • Click/tap on 'Delete'
  • Confirm by clicking 'Delete'
  • That's it!!


If you have any further questions, please contact us via one of the channels listed below.

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