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Family Membership Discount

Do you have more than one child or student that you would like to purchase memberships for but aren't sure where to start?

Let us walk you through the process.

Please Note: To qualify for the discount, the purchase of the memberships must be completed in the same transaction.

1. Navigate to Prodigy's Membership page here. If you've already registered a parent account with us, then you can login from our homepage prior to initiating the purchasing process. 

2. Select the 2+ Memberships option. 


3. Select the type of membership you'd like to purchase, such as monthly or annual. 

4. If you have not previously created a parent or teacher account with us or if you have not logged into your account, you will be asked to input your child's username and password in order to identify which account the membership will be applied to. 


(If your child uses Google credentials to login, please select "My Child uses Google to log into Prodigy" from the bottom of the window.)

 If you have logged in, you can select from any of the student accounts that have been paired with your account by selecting "Select Child" next to their name in the list.

5. You will now see a summary of which students are set to receive the membership. If you'd like to purchase an additional membership, then you can do so from this page by selecting "Add another child" and repeating Step 3. 


6. Enter in your payment information and select "Review Purchase".  

Prodigy accepts: Visa, MasterCard and American Express (Pre-paid variants of each of these brands can also be used) 



7. Review your order and make sure the type and number of memberships desired is correct before finalizing your purchase. 

If you so desire, change the membership type using of the drop down menu under "Plan".  

If you are satisfied, select "Complete your Purchase!". 


That's it! You have now purchased and applied your memberships! We think you'll see the benefits of being a Prodigy Premium Member in no time, in the way your child or student engages with the game and its content. 

Thanks for choosing Prodigy!

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