Prodigy wizards can gain badges when mastering skills throughout their time in Prodigy to celebrate their hard efforts!

After the tutorial, students will start to receive notifications in the question window as they start to master skills and progress through the content.

Each math skill mastered contributes towards levelling up a badge for that topic (i.e. 2D Shapes, Angles, etc).

There are two notifications that announce your progress.  Both of these are listed below.

Skill Mastery Award 

This is earned when you achieve mastery of a skill and move on to the next skill.


Badge Ranked Up

This badge is earned when you master enough skills of the same topic to rank up a badge. It takes more mastered skills to achieve each additional badge rank.


Badge Collection Menu

Alongside the badge system is a menu that shows progress and all of the education badges earned. 


Badges are grouped into collections. Each collection is represented by a gemstone - the more sides/vertices and polish a badge collection has, the more difficult the skills are to master within it.

The same badge can appear in multiple collections: i.e., mastering simple addition skills will progress the “stone” addition badge, while mastering complex addition skills will progress the “diamond” badge.


Badge Ranked Up

Each badge in a collection has multiple levels that can be unlocked. The progress bar indicates the number of skill masteries needed to achieve the next rank. Ranks are indicated by the pink dots beneath the badge icons.


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