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Prodigy wizards, gather your best spells, pets and friends! The Puppetmaster has released ancient beings, determined to put a stop to our wizards becoming Prodigies. 


The beast will be randomly located throughout the Prodigy world and will be found on your map.

When you click on a zone that has the Titan roaming around, you will be prompted to either continue your quest through Prodigy or to confront the Titan with your friends.


Once in the world, you will see all of the other wizards trying to assist in defeating the Puppetmaster's latest minion.  To start your battle will the Titan, click on him and get ready to battle!  

Battle the Titan, take down his shield, and he will then start losing hearts in the main world.

Once he is defeated, you will earn rare Titan Shards for new keep coming back!


Co-op Titan Battles

Players can battle a Titan cooperatively with two other wizards, regardless of level! Defeating a Titan cooperatively rewards all players with Titan Shards.

During co-op battles, you will not be able to select your spells or switch to a pet.  Your rewards will change depending on performance/participation, so do your best to help your team!

To start a team battle, click on the Titan Crystal in the zone where the Titan is located.


If somebody in the area has already created a team, you will be able to join them.  Once you join, you will see a notification that you are waiting for the team leader to start the battle.


Once the battle is over, you will be rewarded based on your participation and correct answers!



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