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Bounty Board

Are you ready for a new kind of quest? Want to help capture and defeat monsters and earn exclusive rewards! Try the bounty board and become a monster hunter today! 

Visit “Boardy” in the Town Square in Lamplight Town and click on the bounty board to start your budding career as a monster bounty hunter!


Boardy can be found in Lamplight Town

Click on the bounty board to receive 3 new available bounties everyday! 

To get started, select "Accept Bounty" to receive a Bounty Note: 

Bounty Notes come in 3 different levels:

  • 1 (for non-members)
  • 3 and 5 (members only)

Completing a bounty will earn you either 1, 3 or 5 bounty points depending on the level on the bounty note. 

Important to note:

  • You can have a maximum of 3 active bounties at a time.
  • They’ll remain on your bounty list until you complete them. You don't need to complete them all in a single day. 
  • You can complete a maximum of 3 bounties in a single day.

Complete all your bounties? Not to worry, there is a new list of bounties generated everyday, so even if you complete all 3, you can always go back to the bounty board to start hunting again tomorrow!

Get Started Completing Your Bounties:

Open the awards menu to take a look at your current bounties list:

Within the Awards Menu:

The Bounty Board - Available from the “Social Menu”.

  1. Select the “Bounties” button to open the bounty board section of the “Social Menu”.
  2. Your current bounty rank. Increase this by completing bounties.
  3. The value of your current bounty note. e.g. this bounty is a level 1.
  4. Get a description of your task as well as an image of the monster you need to defeat/capture.
  5. There are 3 available bounty spots. Maximize by always working on the maximum 3 at all times! When you complete a bounty, visit “Boardy” to get a new one!

When you arrive at the area indicated in the Bounty Note (e.g. the Grassy Clearing), the monster you’re looking for (e.g. Laini) will be indicated. Challenge them to complete the bounty.

If you’re successful in defeating or capturing the indicated monster, you’ll complete the bounty.


Didn't win the battle the first time? Don't worry! You can attempt the bounty as many times as you want in order to complete it. 

Once you have completed the bounty, return to “Boardy” in Lamplight Market to receive your reward and get a new bounty!


For every completed bounty you’ll earn bounty points. Earn bounty points to unlock cool rewards from the bounty shop!

Click on "Boardy" to open the bounty board rewards shop

At bounty levels 5, 20, 50 and 100 you’ll unlock new and amazing rewards to purchase!

You can accept a maximum of 3 bounties a day. When one is accepted and completed it will be locked for the rest of the day.

Not to worry though, come back tomorrow to get a brand new one!




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