One (or more) of my students is not appearing on the class list

There are a few reasons your student or child may not appear on your class under the Students tab of your Teacher Account:

  • They are playing on an alternate account that has yet to be added to your classroom
  • They were not added when the classroom was first created
  • They were accidentally removed

As long as you know their username and password, you can add them back to your class using your class code by following the instructions in this article (opens new tab). 

Please Note:

After adding a student via the class code you will need to refresh your classroom page to see the change.

If you don't know the username and password then we suggest the following:

1. Ask the student to log in with their preferred account. You can then input your class code to add them.

2. Look for prior emailed correspondence from when the student was added. Prodigy always sends an email including username and password when a student adds themselves to your class using class codes or when a new account is created using a Teacher/Parent account.

3. Submit a request above with any knowledge you have of the student's account including:

  • Student/child's full name
  • Name or email of the teacher/parent that created the account
  • Partial or complete username
  • Character name
  • Level
  • Gold amount

We'll do our best to help track it down! 

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