How to report bugs and other issues to Prodigy Education

If you've encountered an issue and think there is a bug in the game or on our website, please take the following steps.

The more information you include, the better the chance we can resolve the issue quickly: 

1. Select Submit a request at the top of this page.

2. Be sure to fill out the required and all the suggested fields: 

  • Impacted username (the student username used to login to the game if a game issue, the email address if a parent/teacher account is impacted)
  • Description (a description of the problem you encountered, any error messages that appeared, what you were seeing on screen, and any other general detail you feel might help us to replicate the issue)
  • Device (the type of device you were using when you encountered the problem. If you tried multiple devices, please include this in the main description) 
  • Browser or App(the browser or app that you were using when you encountered the problem. If you tried multiple browsers, please include this in the main description)
  • Attachments (if you've taken a screenshot of the problem as it appeared on screen please drag and drop it in this section to include it in your report)

3. Select "Submit" from the bottom of the page. 

Our agents will respond as quickly as possible! 

Content Errors:

If you've encountered a question you feel is incorrect in content or instructions then it's very important that you provide as much detail as possible about the question so that we can identify it and verify the error. 

Important information we suggest you include if possible: 

  • A screenshot of the question itself
  • The exact wording/phrasing of the question
  • The answer or content you feel is incorrect 
  • The curriculum, grade, and topic the question comes from 
  • The available answers

Our sincere thanks for taking the time to reach out and for helping make Prodigy better for all of our users! 


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