Why aren't my students receiving my assignment?

There are a few reasons why students may not receiving your assigned questions.  

Students will stop working on an assignment under the circumstances listed below.  Please click each reason for a more detailed explanation.

The assignment start date has not been reached, or the end date has elapsed

You can view and change your assignment start/end date from your Assessments tab.

To edit your start and end dates:

  • Select your assignment as it appears in your calendar or list view and select Edit
  • Under "Date Range" select Edit
  • Select your new start and end dates in the calendar and click Save
Your student has already completed all assigned questions

View how many assignment questions students have answered by locating the assignment on either your Assessments calendar or list and selecting View report.

Your student was not included as part of your assignment at the time of its creation

Students must be a part of the assignment in order to receive the questions from that assignment.

To view which students were included in the assignment and to include or remove an account: 

  • Click on the assignment as it appears in your calendar or list and select Edit.
  • Proceed until you see your students' names, and ensure the desired students have a check next to their check box
  • Proceed to select Save
Your student is not using the account that you've provided to them

Your student might be using an alternate account that you have not provided the assignment to. The best way to check this is to ask them which username they are using currently, and direct them to start using the account you've created instead so that you can ensure they receive your assignments moving forward.

If you'd like to include the account that they're currently using instead,  please follow the instructions included in step 3 of this article.  

If you've investigated these scenarios and none apply, then please contact us through the Submit a request button at the top of this page!

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