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FAQ: Memberships Purchased Through Apple

Where can I modify my subscription?

Since your subscription was purchased on your Apple device, you can manage, modify or cancel your subscription from your device.

Just go to Settings → Apple ID → Subscriptions to view any subscriptions purchased on your device. For more information, please refer to Apple’s support article via this link.

We recommend reaching out to Apple directly if you need assistance with updating your renewal.

I have multiple children playing, how do I purchase multiple Memberships?

Purchases of multiple memberships can be done via our website via this link! 

At this time, you can only purchase a Membership for one child on your iOS device via the App Store.

How do I take advantage of Prodigy's Family Discount if I've signed up via the app?

In order to qualify for our Family Discount, you must purchase your Memberships through the Prodigy website. For more information on the Family Discount, refer to this article.

If you've already subscribed through the iOS app and would like to get the Family Discount, please contact Prodigy Support through the Submit a ticket button below.

I only see the Annual Membership option in the iOS app, but I'd like to subscribe to another plan. How do I do this?

In order to select one of our other Membership plans, you'll need to make your purchase through the Prodigy website via this link.

Why is Prodigy asking for my email?

Because the purchase is being made via Apple, Prodigy requires your email in order to validate if your account already exists. 

If you already have a Parent Account, we confirm your Parent Account and send you a copy of your receipt. 

If you do not have a Parent Account, we use the email to send you a copy of your receipt, grant you access to all the Parent features, and send you relevant emails such as report cards.

Why can’t I turn on Family Sharing for my subscription?

We do not support Family Sharing on Apple devices at this time.

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