The Prodigy Parent App

Available for both iOS and Android, the Prodigy Parent App puts your child’s education right at your fingertips, allowing you to:

  • Send an in-game cheer so they never forget they have you in their corner!
  • Set learning goals and rewards to encourage your child to keep learning
  • Get real-time progress notifications of their progress

Download the App here!

The first step towards supporting your child’s learning is to make sure their account is linked to yours!

If your child’s account is already linked, you can find out all about how to use the app below.

Linking your child’s Prodigy account via the App

1. After creating or logging in to your Parent Account within the App, tap Add a child.

2. Select whether you’d like to connect an existing account or create a new one for your child.
a. If using an existing account, input your child’s username and password then select Add account.
b. If you’re creating a new account, you’ll be asked to select their curriculum and set their grade level.


Please note:

If your child’s account was created with Google or Clever, you’ll need to link their account to yours on our website. Visit our support article linked here for a full walkthrough of this process.

3. That's it! Your child's account is now linked to yours.

How to send a cheer to your child

Cheers are an excellent way to celebrate your child’s hard work practicing math with Prodigy! When you send a cheer, your child will receive an in-game mail item with your selected words of encouragement.

You can tap Send a cheer from the Goals tab:


Simply choose the message you’d like to send your child, then tap Send cheer!


Your child will find your message in their mailbox in-game.


The Goals Tab - Set learning goals and reward your child

The Goals tab is where you’ll set goals for your child to complete in-game, choose what reward they’ll receive and monitor their progress toward each goal.

To set a goal:

1. Navigate to the Goals tab and select Set a goal.


2. Choose a Prodigy question target for your child to complete, then tap Next.


a. Level-Up Members: Select the number of questions for your child's goal.

b. Ultimate Members: Select the number of questions AND your child's reward from the list. You can choose from Boots, Currency, Hats, and more!

Once your child completes their question goal, they can find their reward in their in-game mailbox:



The Insights Tab - Track your child's progress

The Insights tab is where you’ll get detailed information about the skills your child is practicing in Prodigy Math. This includes progress for their current grade, such as the skills they've mastered and others they may need help with.

After opening the Insights tab, you'll see your child's curriculum progress at the top of the screen.


You can scroll through for a quick overview of the subjects your child is practicing in Prodigy Math, or click View details to get more information for each skill area.

After selecting View details you'll see what skills your child has mastered within each subject, along with those they may need help with.


From here, you can select See all to look at the specific skills your child is practicing, or has yet to practice while playing Prodigy Math! Here's what you would see for 2D Shapes, for example:


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