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Does your child play Prodigy at school? Maybe you've heard them rave about levelling up, casting spells, defeating monsters, catching pets, earning badges, but there's much more available to yourself as well!

By creating a Prodigy Parent Account, you gain access to exciting and powerful perks which help you motivate and support your child's learning journey — with ease.

These are all located on your Parent Dashboard. 

To get started, you'll want to set up an account of your own and link your child (if you haven't already!) Reference the articles below for assistance.

How To Create A Parent Account

How to Link a Child's Account to a Parent Account

All set? Let's walk through your Parent Dashboard.

If you only have one child linked to your Parent Account, you'll be taken right to your Dashboard upon logging in.

If you have multiple children on Prodigy, from your My children page, select View Progress under the child you'd like to view progress for.


You'll now be presented with the Dashboard for the selected child's account, let's go through the widgets and tabs you now have access to!


Recent Activity - View your child's recent activity and the skills they've been working on.


Grade Level - This area will show if your child is working at a specific grade level, or still working through the Placement Test to determine grade level.  

Weekly questions answered - View the number of questions your child has answered each week. You can cycle between weeks by clicking on the arrows located underneath the chart.


Each day is broken into two categories:

  • School - Any questions answered from 8 AM - 3 PM will be considered answered in class - even if your child selects "At Home" when logging in
  • Home - Any questions answered outside the time above will track under "Home"

Curriculum Progress - View the percentage of content completed in each grade - each skill mastered in-game increases this percentage. Answering more questions does not necessarily mean this will increase.

Mastery is considered reached when seven questions from a specific skill are answered correctly, in a row.



Report Card - This tab displays your child's monthly report card. Even if you've opted to receive them via email, you can always reference this page

Manage Child - This area will let your manage/retrieve your child's account information - including their username and password.

We recommend you review your Parent Dashboard every week or so to get a sense of how your child is doing, where they might need a bit of help and when to celebrate their success!

Premium Membership Perks

Your child isn't the only one who will benefit from a Premium Membership!

Check out the great perks you'll have access to as a Premium Parent in this article.

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