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The Dark Tower: How does it work?

The Dark Tower is a members only zone that consists of a 100 story tower, each with its own opponents and rewards! The further you climb, the more challenging your opponents become. Do you dare to attempt to ascend the Dark Tower?

To access the Dark Tower, select the map button from your bottom toolbar:


Then select the Dark Tower icon from your map:


3. Once at the Dark Tower, click on Mira Shade, the Tower's guardian, who can grant you access.


4. As an extra challenge, Mira will tell you that you can only save your progress by climbing at least 5 floors. If you leave the tower before doing so, then you'll be asked to start over from your last save point the next time you enter the tower.


Your progress will only be saved every 5 floors.  (Every floor ending in 1 or 6 will be a save point.)

For example, if you manage to climb to floor 3 and then leave, then the next time you enter you'll start on floor 1. However, if the next time you go from floor 5 to floor 7 and then leave the tower, then the next time you enter the tower, you'll start on floor 6 again.

This is very important! Since you won't want to leave until you've moved up 5 levels, you'll want to make sure you and your team are fully healed before entering.

5. Once in the tower, you'll get to spin the chance wheel prior to each of your battles.

The chance wheel can help you or make it more challenging for you. You could get extra hearts or experience, but the wheel can also take hearts away!

There are all sorts of other mysteries to be found in the Dark Tower! What are they? There's only one way to find out, enter the tower and discover them!

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