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Tower Town

Hello Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! After many requests, we are extremely excited to announce our first addition to the Prodigy world that will provide a completely different type of educational and gaming experience, Tower Town!!


What does this mean for you?! You can help the Floatlings rebuild Tower Town so they have a place the grow Lumin Trees, and help them carry on with their studies. Keep answering questions and help defeat the Puppetmaster!

Located near the Academy, you will now see that Tower Town is accessible.Screen_Shot_2020-01-09_at_2.19.34_PM__1__012320_102014_AM.jpg

Within Tower Town, you will be able to assist the Floatlings and build your own custom towers. Each floor will provide you with a variety of options ranging from a choice of rooms, frames and decorations.


Please Note: Any player that is currently working through an assessment will be locked to the Infinity Tower. This includes the placement test, assignments, plans and test preps. Each student, when they first start to play Prodigy are placed in a placement test.


Tower Town


Choose Floor

Swoopy will now ask you to choose a floor to start building.


Once you've chosen your floor, click on Start building.


Smart Blocks

After choosing your room, it's now time to build! Click on Build to get your first question.



The more questions you answer, the more blocks you will build.


Completing your first floor

Once you have answered enough questions, your floor is built.


After your first floor

Now that you have built your first floor, you will get access to different rooms, frames and decorations. Keep checking back, as new content is always added!



Floatling Fling

While you are rebuilding, you will get the chance once a day to play Floatling Fling. 


This mini game will help you gather more currency to buy items for your tower from the specific stores.


And now you're ready to start building.  Let's help the Floatlings rebuild!!


We sure hope you like the first major addition to the Prodigy world! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun.

Be sure to get social with us!

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