Catching Pets and Restrictions

Any time you battle a monster in Prodigy, you may have a chance to also catch it! 

Please Note: If you are not a member, you have a maximum limit of 10 pets in your inventory. You would have to release a pet to make room for more.  Members can catch over 100+!  

There is no trading option currently in the game for pets or items.


Your wizard is the only member of your team that can catch monsters and turn them into your pets. Other pets cannot catch monsters, so make sure that your wizard is in the battle when you find a monster you want to catch! 

In order to catch a new pet, you can click "Rescue pet" at the bottom of the battle menu.

The "Rescue Pet" option won't be available for a monster when its hearts are full. It will be too strong to catch!


In order to catch a monster you will have to battle until it loses some health, then you'll see the Rescue pet option available.

Now that you can catch the monster, you'll have to flex your math skills! Make sure you're ready before selecting "YES".


If you answer the question correctly, Noot will let you know you've got a new pet! 


Watch out though! If you answer incorrectly, you will not catch the monster and it will have a chance to cast another spell.

You can try and catch the monster as many times as you want, there's no limit. Just remember, if your wizard runs out of hearts, then he/she will no longer be able to take part in the battle. 

Members can try and catch all the pets available in the world of Prodigy!

Good luck monster hunters! 

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