Battle Remake - Player Guide

Welcome to Prodigy’s guide to our brand-new battle system! Battles are an important part of Prodigy Math and we’re introducing some exciting new gameplay changes we think you’ll love.

Because this is a pretty big change, we’re gradually rolling this out to all players over the coming weeks to ensure the best experience possible. So if you haven’t yet got it, please be patient - we promise you won’t have to wait long! 

Guide Overview

Our previous battle system simply involved answering math questions and didn’t give our players as much choice, control, or opportunity to be rewarded for their strategic thinking. Now, you’ll need to think strategically in order to be victorious while navigating Prodigy Island and challenging other players!

We’ve put together this guide to explain these updates and help you understand some of the changes being introduced! We also have a great walkthrough video below that provides more details on the new battle system. 

Magic Points

As mentioned above, our previous battle system was fairly simple: answer math questions in order to win your battles. Now, battles will require you to answer math questions to earn Magic Points that members of your team can use to cast spells. 

Your Magic Points are located underneath your wizard and your pets, indicated by the icon pictured below.


In addition to Magic Points, the updated HUD gives you more detailed information on your team’s:

  • Elemental Weakness
  • Health
  • Level


Pictured above is a Tyscout who: is weak to Ice-type attacks, has 270/400 HP remaining, and is at Level 24, with two Magic Points available.

Pet Team & Elemental Damage

In addition to the introduction of Magic Points, every member of your team can attack enemies, not just your wizard! We’ve also overhauled our elemental damage mechanics, making your selection of pets more important than ever.

For example, if you’re battling Ice-type monsters in Silverchill Mountains, you’ll benefit from building a team of Fire-type pets to take into battle.

You can use the Type Strength Chart below to help plan for your battles accordingly!


New and Updated Elements

You may have noticed in the chart above that we've introduced Physical damage, but that's not all! We've also updated the Shadow element to allow the following pets to cast Shadow spells:

  • Squally
  • Tempest
  • Flurrious
  • Squibble
  • Squabble
  • Squarrel
  • Cloaker
  • Arbite
  • Shade
  • Spectral
  • Bluefury (B.F.) Magmayhem
  • Gryphroom 

Healing Spells

We’ve also introduced healing spells for each element:

  • Fire = Soothing Flare
  • Ice = Invigorate
  • Plant = Fresh Scent
  • Storm = Replenish
  • Water = Rejuvenate

Aiming Mechanics

In our previous battle system, unless using an Area Of Effect (AOE) attack which damaged all enemies, only the monster in the front position would receive damage when you attacked successfully. 

Now, you can select which enemy you’d like to attack specifically (unless using a Random spell, see chart below for details). 

This allows you to really take advantage of elemental damage during your battles! 

New Attack Modes

Speaking of new “random” spells, there are now 5 attack modes! Each spell card will display the attack mode using the icons below.

The icons displayed below are examples from the Shadow element. Icons will appear differently on each spell card depending on the spell's element.

Type Single AOE Multiple AOE Multiple Random
Effect Hits 1 enemy of your choice Hits all enemy units Hits 1 enemy of your choice multiple times Hits all enemy units multiple times Hits 1 enemy random







Improved Spell Cards

We’ve made spell cards more informative to help you plan your next move accordingly! No more guessing how many more turns until your AOE attack is charged, or trying to remember which element each spell uses.

Wrapping Up...

We’ve covered a lot of the major updates within this guide and hope it has been helpful for you! There are many more changes we’ve introduced within this new battle system such as brand new spells, and we are so thrilled for you to play it and see them as well. 

We hope you have fun battling in Prodigy Math with this new update, and if you have any questions that aren’t covered here, our support team can help via the Submit a Request button at the top of this page. We also love feedback, so please feel free to reach out! 


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