Battling in Prodigy Math

Battling is the most fun players can have while practicing math! Players can take on monsters and capture pets while navigating Prodigy Island, or even challenge other players. Honing your math skills plays a critical role in who ends up victorious!



We’ve introduced some exciting enhancements to the way players take part in Prodigy’s math battles! This update adds a layer of strategic thinking into battles - leading to more fun, more engagement, and more math practice!

Key updates include:

  • Players now need to combine their math skills with strategic thinking! Carefully select the spells which inflict the most damage on your opponent, pick out the enemies to focus on - plus much more! We’ve also enhanced the look and feel of battles, making the action more exciting and fun!
  • All characters now take turns, not just the unit in front. This includes the main character, plus any pets, including Mythical Epics!
  • Casting a spell now requires magic points, which can only be refilled by answering math questions correctly
  • We’ve also added even more spells and animations for students to discover!

Check out this video and our FAQ below for more details!

We have a comprehensive player guide that goes into detail on these changes, linked here

If you have any feedback or further questions, we'd love to hear from you! Please contact us via:, or select Submit a Request above.

Please note:

Due to the complexity of the changes involved with improving our battles, the following in-game areas have been disabled:

  • Harmony Island
  • Crystal Caverns
  • The Arena

Battle FAQs

How do I take part in a battle?

Players take part in battles against in-game characters as part of their exploration of Prodigy Island - so stay sharp! You never know when you’ll be coming up against a monster or finding a new pet to rescue. You can also participate in PvP (Player vs. Player) battles against friends!

How do battles work?
Once you are in a battle, select the spell from your spellbook, and choose one which best exploits the element your opponent is most weak to! Some elements will be stronger against certain opponents, and some will be weaker - so choose wisely! Casting spells uses up magic points, which you will need to refill by answering math questions correctly. Your characters will take turns attacking based on their speed! Check out this video for a full walkthrough, linked here.
How do I get magic points?
Simple - answer math questions correctly! Every question you successfully answer will top up your magic points and allow you to cast spells during battles.


How do I know which spells to use?
This is where strategy comes into play! Select spells based on power, aim, and how many turns it will take for the spell to recharge - then choose which enemy to focus on. During the battle, you will be presented with information about what element your opponent is most vulnerable to.



There are eight possible elements you can use during battles, be sure to choose your spells wisely to maximize the damage you can inflict on your opponent!


Why did you update the battle system?
Battles are a key part of Prodigy, but we hadn’t really made any improvements to our battles for...well…years. Previously, battles were simply dictated by answering math questions. This was great, but didn’t give our players as much choice, control, or opportunity to be rewarded for their strategic thinking. This update has been designed to make battles EVEN MORE FUN, which leads to more engagement and MORE math practice.
How does the new battle system improve math practice?
This ties in with Prodigy’s educational philosophy of Motivation First! Our mission is to help every student in the world love learning, so we aim to create the most fun gameplay experience possible, which leads to more engagement! Over time, we believe our new battles will lead to more time in-game and more math practice.
Can I use the new battle system anywhere in the game?
Not quite. Because of the complexity of the new battle system, we’ve had to turn off a few game areas, including Harmony Island, Crystal Caverns, and The Arena. We appreciate your patience. We will provide updates if and when any of these come back online.
Does the new battle system affect the Teacher or Parent Portals and tools?
No - you will see no changes to either the Teacher or Parent Portals and will be able to assign assessments, reward, and/or track the progress of your students the same way as you’ve always done.
If my child or student has questions about the new battle system, how can I help them?
We hope this FAQ helps you! We also have this great walkthrough video linked here, as well as our guide for players in our support article linked here.

If you have any questions that aren’t covered here, our support team can help via
If I have feedback or questions on the new battles system, where can I provide it?
We love feedback! So if you have any please contact us via

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