Home and School Mode

When students log in to Prodigy, they'll be able to choose between Home and School. This article will explain the difference between these two selections.


Home Mode

When students select Home from the screen pictured above and log in to Prodigy Math, they will be asked to select a World from the screen pictured below. 

If a student would like to play with their friends, make sure they coordinate to select the same World! You can read more about this in our support article linked here.


While in Home Mode students will still have access to any active assessments created by their teacher(s), and any questions they answer will count towards Classroom Challenges.

Parents and Teachers accounts are able to review student's progress in Prodigy Math via their Questions Answered widgets. 

Please note that even if students select Home Mode when logging in, any questions answered between 8 AM and 4 PM will track to School on this widget.

School Mode

When students select School as pictured above, they will not be presented with the option to select a World when logging in to Prodigy Math.

Instead, they will automatically be placed into the same world as any classmates who are also online, where server capacity allows.

Access to a handful of game zones is also restricted in School mode:

  • Dino Dig Oasis
  • Lamplight Town
  • Player's House

Despite this, students are free to explore the world of Prodigy Math and practice their math skills while battling monsters and rescuing pets!

Questions answered in School Mode will also of course track to any active assessments or Classroom Challenges, while providing a slightly more focused experience for students by limiting access to some of the more social aspects of Prodigy Math.

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