How-to: Import from Google Classroom

If your Teacher Account is linked to your Google account, you can import your class list via Google Classroom!  

By importing, new Prodigy accounts will be created automatically for students who do not already have one. Students who have an existing account already linked to their Google account can keep playing on that account!

(Haven't linked your Teacher Account to Google yet? Find out how in this article (opens new tab).


1. Log in to your Teacher Account and select Classrooms from the sidebar.


2. Select Import from Google Classroom.


3. A Google prompt will appear to confirm which account you are importing your class from and that you are allowing access to the information needed.

4. Once you have confirmed your account and allowed access, a list of the classes in your Google Classroom account will display. 

Check off the box for the class(es) that you would like to import, and click continue.


5. Assign a grade to each class you have selected, or remove them if you had chosen a class in error. Then, click Import X Classroom(s).


That's it! Students from your Google Classroom are now ready to play Prodigy by logging in with their Google accounts, and you can keep track of their progress from your Teacher Account on Prodigy.

Happy Learning!

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