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Classmate & Friends List

Due to popular demand, you can now keep track of your friends and classmates in Prodigy! We are happy to let everyone know the Friends List and Classmate Lists are both now in game!

Your Friends List/Classmate List will become available after you get your first pet during the tutorial. You can then start sending and receiving friend requests and building up your friends. Your Classmates list will fill up automatically with any friends who are part of your current class.

You can find the Friends List in the bottom bar, so it is always easy to get to and see your friends.


Friend Requests

The Friend Request screen will let you accept or deny all the requests that have been sent to you. Click the green Check Mark to accept or the red X to deny the request.


To request to add someone to your Friends list, click on them in game and select the "Friend Request" icon.


Currently, you can have a maximum of 20 friends at any time.

Friends List

The Friends List screen is where you can find all the friends you have made in Prodigy! You can find the button to get you to your friend requests here too. We will let you know you have a request by displaying an exclamation mark (!) above the button.

Your friends list will show you:

  • A picture of your friend's wizard
  • The name of your friend's character
  • The level of your friend
  • Member or Non-Member status

Your classmate list will show you:

  • A picture of your classmate's wizard
  • The name of your classmate 's character
  • The level of your classmate
  • Member or Non-Member status

You can even click on your friend or classmate from the list to see their player card and check out what gear they have!



Please Note: The friends list will NOT have any personal information about the player or their username. There is no ability to chat live to anyone in the list, or send any other form of communication such as an email or instant message. Prodigy continues to keep our users' privacy concerns top of mind and this includes the Friends List and it's features.

Be sure to get social with us!

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