Comparison Insights


Comparison Insights shows Prodigy Math Members how your child's monthly progress compares to that of their peers.

Peers are those students who are aligned to the same curriculum as your child, and in the same grade level (based on either the classroom they are in on Prodigy or the grade selected for their account).

Here, you can review your child's activity and achievements for the three-month reporting period.

  • The Comparison Insights report will be updated 3 times a year:

    • January (Data for September - December)

    • May (Data for January - April)
    • September (Data for May - August)

Please note your child's account must have been created before the reporting period in order for data to appear. 

Activity includes things like the number of questions attempted, the percentage of correct answers as well as the total time spent doing math.


The report will only generate if your child's account was created before the start of the reporting period.

If you'd like to encourage your child to spend more time answering questions on Prodigy Math, setting goals and using Focus Mode are excellent tools to do just that!

Achievements include the progress your child made towards mastering skills in their current curriculum, with a specific breakdown of areas they may need help with.


If you find your child is struggling with a given topic, why not reference a practice sheet or video lesson to help them out?

You can learn more about the perks available to you with your Prodigy Membership in this article!


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