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FAQ: Champion's Club

Are you an educator looking to get the most out of Prodigy and connect with teachers like you? Here's everything you need to know about Prodigy Champions Club! 


What is Prodigy Champions Club?

Prodigy Champions Club is a teachers-only community, separate from Prodigy Math Game and the Prodigy teacher account.

There are so many exciting benefits for Champions Club members! Here are just a few:

  • Discover new ways to use Prodigy Math Game from expert-level teachers
  • Take part in exclusive yearly tournaments to keep your class extra engaged
  • Connect directly with the Prodigy team — ask questions, share ideas and help us decide what to create next
  • Complete fun activities and earn rewards for you and your students, including Premium Memberships and swag!

Plus, find plenty of exclusive resources to help you level up your teaching strategies and connect with other teachers around the world. 


How do I join Prodigy Champions Club?

Prodigy Champions Club is an invite-only community. Fill out the application form and someone from our team will reach out soon!

More questions about Prodigy Champions Club?  Contact us at 




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