Prodigy English players told us they were having so much fun with our initial pets release, but that they wanted more to do with their pets, as well as more pet types to add to their village.

We're thrilled to deliver a new Pet Store where players can take a chance at earning 1 of 31 pets who they can house in their village and take care of.

Members also have access to the Member Pet Machine which offers a chance of 1 of 12 unique pets!

The best part of all? Each pet will give a unique gameplay bonus when they follow you, ranging from giving you bonus resources to bonus experience points.

Accessing the Pet Store in Prodigy English 

Players simply need to select the new Pet Store icon in the bottom-left corner of their screen while playing Prodigy English to access the Surprise Pet Machine.


Surprise Pet Machine

Players will have the option to use the Surprise Pet Machine once the Pet Store screen is open, they can select this option and then Buy using 50 Wishcoin to take a chance at getting 1 of 31 pets.


Please note:

The pet provided when using the Surprise Pet Machine is random, and as a result players may end up with multiple of the same type of pet.

Pets have four levels of rarity, from least rare to most rare they are: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Ultra Rare.

Once Buy is selected, players just need to click the red paw button on screen to get their pet!


Member Pet Machine 

Members also have access to a Member Pet Machine, which grants them the chance to spend 50 Wishcoin and earn one of 12 unique pets.


How to add Pet(s) to your Village

In order to care for any pets that you've bought from the Pet Store, they must first be placed in your village. Here's how to add your pet's home to your village:

1. Open the Storage Menu.


2. Select the pet you would like to place in your Village.


3. Select Place, then find an open space in your Village to put your pet's home and select the check mark!


Caring for and Leveling Up your Pet

Once you've placed your new pet's house in your village, it's time to take care of their needs! You'll need supplies to take care of your pet, and can buy Food, Soap and Toys for gold at the Pet Store, or Treats for 3 Wischoin.
Caring for your pet daily will grant them experience points and eventually, level them up. The higher your pet's level, the stronger their bonus is!

How to Care for your Pet

Clicking on your pet will show you their name, current level, and their bonus at the top-left corner of your screen. It will also show you 3 options: Pet, Care and Follow. If your pet is already following you, the option to send them back to their house will appear instead.

Keep in mind!

You can only perform these care tasks for your pet once per day. In the screen shot below, the player has already cared for their pet and can only care for them again the next day.


Once the Care option is selected, you can give your pet food, clean them with soap or play with them using a toy. 

How Pet Bonuses Work

Your pet must be following you in order for their bonus to be active. You can follow the instructions on caring for your pet above and select the leash icon to have your pet start following you. 

Only one pet can follow you at a time!

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