FAQ: PvP Battles

What is PvP? 

PvP stands for Player vs. Player battles. It is a system that can be used by Prodigy players to challenge other players that are currently in the same world. 

How do I challenge another player? 

To challenge another player you must be in the same world. Click on their character to open their player card and then select "Battle". 

How do I accept a challenge from another player? 

When another player challenges you, you'll get a notice through the Awards option on your toolbar at the bottom of the screen.

Click on it to open your Awards menu, and see who has challenged you on your Battle Request tab. 

You can choose to: 

  • Accept the challenge by selecting the green checkmark.
  • Decline the challenge by selecting the red X. 

How long do I have to cast a spell when I am in a battle? 

You will have 30 seconds to choose a spell before the systems auto-selects one for you, and your attack will miss the intended target. 

How long do I have to choose a new character or pet after my previous one faints? 

You will have 30 seconds to choose a character or pet before the system auto-selects one for you.

What if I don't want to challenge or don't want my students to use PvP? 

PvP relies on being in a "world" in order to work. If you don't want to be challenged or don't want your students/child to use PvP, then select to "Play offline" when asked to join a world. 

Will PvP battles interrupt regular question content like the Placement Test or assignments? 

No, the question content for the game will not change. If a student is in a Placement Test, then they'll receive questions from the placement test in PvP battles. If a student is currently within an assignment, then they'll continue to receive assigned questions in a PvP battle. 

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