Epic Attacks

Please Note:

Prodigy’s Physical Epic toys were discontinued as of December 2, 2019. Customer Support Agents are not able to add Epics to accounts.

Epics have unlocked their hidden power, and can now unleash their ultimate spells: Epic Attacks! Take control of their power in your battle against the Puppet Master! 

What is an Epic Attack?

An Epic Attack is a once-per-battle attack that you can use against monsters in a normal battle, or a challenge battle, to help ensure your victory.

How do I use my Epic Attack?
On your battle menu, you will have an option to use your Epic Attack based on the Epic on your team.  If you answer the math question correctly, your Epic will come on screen, unleash their Epic Attack, and leave.  The wizard/pet that was on the screen at the time of the Epic attack will receive the experience.

Can I use my Epic Attack more than once?
No.  Even if you have more than one Epic, you can still only use this extremely powerful attack once per battle.

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