Classroom Goals & Rewards

Did you know that you can send your students in-game rewards for completing weekly goals in Prodigy Math?

Once you've logged in to your Teacher Account, you'll see your classroom's current goal status on the right side of your screen.


Once 50 questions have been answered by your class during the week, you’ll be able to return to hit Send Reward.


After clicking Send Reward, have your students check their mailbox for an item from you, their Teacher!

Your students will be rewarded with one item from the list below to help them on their adventures.

Please Note:

  • Only one reward can be sent per week
  • Only 50 questions can be selected as a goal at this time



icon-currency-12.png Hot-Hots icon-currency-13.png Florans icon-currency-14.png Yars icon-currency-15.png  Shivers icon-currency-16.png Aeros

Potions (Each last 1 battle):

icon-item-97.pngRare Fire Resist: Gives strong resistance to Fire attacks in monster battles.

icon-item-101.pngRare Earth Resist: Gives strong resistance to Earth attacks in monster battles.

icon-item-103.png Rare Ice Resist: Gives strong resistance to Ice attacks in monster battles.

icon-item-105.pngRare Storm Resist: Gives strong resistance to Storm attacks in monster battles.

icon-item-107.pngRare Damage Bonus: Gives a strong boost to attack damage in monster battles.

icon-item-109.pngHeroic Always Critical: Makes every attack used a critical hit in monster battles.

icon-item-111.pngHeroic Resist All: Gives resistance to ALL attacks in monster battles except shadow element.

Morph Marbles (Will Morph the student's character into the pet listed):

2c4ee62d-cf62-4fe2-adda-8856c06ecd29.png Tribeak

10724fa1-6a28-4aef-bc9b-7d965d9d5372.png Flaria

3c6eb4ea-ba17-4e87-88d2-e1e2eea3b68b.png Aquaster

759e4670-1a6c-469a-959e-86d8733b0b73.png Browl

 dcba18b2-0211-4338-8c4c-02287f3b18e5.png Mystile

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