Introducing: Prodigy English!

What is Prodigy English?

Prodigy English is our brand-new adventure offering teachers, parents and students alike the opportunity to take our game-based learning approach and apply it to English Language Arts (ELA)!

Prodigy was founded on the principle that access to education should be a basic human right, with the goal of providing equitable access to a fun and engaging game-based learning experience. Over the years, we’ve heard consistently from our users that they’d love to see this principle applied to an ELA experience.

We’re so excited to introduce Prodigy English which will deliver engaging, adaptive reading, rhyming, phonetics, and spelling content aligned to Common Core standards for grades 1 to 6. Our team of certified teachers is hard at work expanding the full curriculum range, and more skills will be coming soon!

How does the game work?

Students will craft a world that’s just for them, and their journey begins by creating a character! A number of customization options are available to students so that they can make their characters truly unique.


After creating a character, students will discover their village and be guided through two important game mechanics: Wishcoins and Energy.

Wishcoins are rewarded to students for completing both daily and lifetime tasks in-game, and can be used to unlock new items and more! Tasks include things like crafting specific items, chopping trees or smashing rocks for resources. In order to complete these tasks, students need Energy!

Energy is earned by answering skill-building reading and language questions, which students initiate by using the thunderbolt icon on the toolbar.


We believe that an adaptive experience is central to achieving our goal of helping every student in the world love learning. As students play Prodigy English they will encounter questions designed to build up their skills and keep them learning.

There are lots of ways students can spruce up their village to make it truly their own. Along the way, they’ll use their hard-earned Energy to gather resources and craft new items to complete goals - learning throughout the journey!


Can Prodigy Math users play Prodigy English?

Absolutely! Prodigy English is a brand new game from Prodigy Education, and existing Prodigy Math users can play using their existing account information. Now though, when you access our game, you’ll be presented with a menu asking which game you’d like to play.


For parents and teachers, Prodigy English information will automatically appear on your Parent or Teacher Portals, allowing you to track the progress of your students and children in the same way you’ve been used to.

How do I get started playing Prodigy English?

Simply visit our website at and select Play the Game. If you already have a Prodigy Math account, you can log in using those same credentials! If not, you’ll need to create an account, which is completely free. If you’re playing from Home, you’ll also be asked to enter a parents’ email so they can provide permission for you to play.

After you’ve created your account or logged in, you’ll be shown a menu where you can select whether you want to play Prodigy Math or Prodigy English.

Select English as pictured above, and you’ll be invited to create and customize your character, with a diverse range of options available. You’re then ready to begin your Prodigy English learning journey!

Is there a Prodigy English mobile app?

While at this time there is no native app available, students can access Prodigy English on their tablet or mobile device through their browser. Our team is currently working to make Prodigy English available as a native mobile experience in the future.

For a list of supported devices and browsers, please visit our support article linked here.

Can students interact with each other in Prodigy English?

Not at this moment. But our team is working on developing additional in-game features to empower fun, positive and safe interaction on our platform!




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