Focus Mode for Parents

Focus Mode is an excellent way to help your child concentrate on answering math questions in Prodigy Math Game.

Parents with a Prodigy Math Ultimate Membership can turn on Focus Mode from the Weekly questions answered widget on their Parent Account.


What is Focus Mode?
When you turn on Focus Mode, your child will visit the Tower Town location in-game and use their math skills to build unique towers that represent skill and knowledge growth.

Turning on Focus Mode generally encourages students to answer more questions, as gameplay is limited and socialization is disabled, which helps students concentrate on math uninterrupted!

How to Enable Focus Mode:
1. Log in to your Parent Account (instructions can be found within this article) and click On to enable Focus Mode.

2. Have your child log in to Prodigy Math Game and select playing from home within 15 minutes of turning on Focus Mode. If they were already logged in, they will need to log out and log back in to trigger Focus Mode.


3. Once enabled, Focus Mode will last for at least 15 minutes, it will remain active until they log out.
4. To exit Focus Mode, your child will need to log out from the settings menu. If you need help logging out, refer to this article.




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