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Reporting a user in-game

Prodigy’s mission is to help every student in the world love learning! An important part of doing so is maintaining a safe and fair learning environment within Prodigy Math Game.

Nobody likes a cheater or people who do things that make the experience of playing Prodigy less enjoyable.

So, we’ve recently introduced a reporting tool that gives our users the ability to help keep Prodigy safe and fair for everyone!

This feature allows players to report others via the player card, or in their house for the following reasons:

  • Having pets added via cheating
  • Having items added via cheating
  • Having inappropriate content within their house


The "Report" option on a player card


The "Report" option within a player's house

Reports are reviewed by our team to check for violations. Submitting a report does not result in an automatic suspension/ban or other automatic penalties.

If a child/student reports another in error, rest assured that no action will be taken!

The release of this feature is a big step towards maintaining a safe and fair environment for learning within the world of Prodigy, and we’re happy to hear any feedback you may have!

If you’d like to reach out or have recommendations on how we can improve this feature, feel free to click Submit a ticket below to contact Prodigy Customer Support.


What happens when a report is sent?

Reports are investigated manually based on their severity and we take action in accordance with our Terms of Service.

If a child/student reports another in error, rest assured that no action will be taken! Accounts are not automatically suspended/banned.

Due to privacy reasons, we won’t be able to provide information on what actions we take against a legitimately reported user.

Modified Accounts

From time to time, we see that students have used the Developer Tools in their browsers as a means of cheating in violation of our Terms of Service. 

Cheats performed via this method involve adding items to an account like gold, outfits, or pets. Sometimes these cheats are used to adjust the player level or otherwise alter progress.

To be clear, the Developer Tools can only be used to cheat on the account a user is logged into. It will not have any impact on other accounts.

For this reason, it is important to stress to your children/students that they do not share their login credentials with anyone!

Not only is modifying one’s account this way unfair to other players, it often causes irreversible damage to accounts.

Reporting another player if they suspect any of the above allows us to take steps toward preventing this!




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