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Introducing: Mythical Epics!


Epics have always had a special place in the world of Prodigy, and we’re thrilled to be reintroducing them in an exciting new way.

Previously, the only way to acquire an Epic was to purchase a physical toy and use the associated digital code to unlock your Epic in-game.

Since these toys were discontinued in 2019, we’ve heard just how much Epics mean to our players.

These new Epics - known as Mythical Epics - are re-imagined digital Epics that can be acquired and used in Prodigy Math Game via a brand new gameplay experience.

This experience is available for users subscribed to our recently introduced Prodigy Level Up and Prodigy Ultimate membership packages which are being gradually rolled out worldwide*.

If you're a Prodigy Level Up or Prodigy Ultimate member and are having trouble accessing Mythical Epics, contact Customer Support by clicking Submit a ticket at the bottom of this page.

Already have a membership?

Members who subscribed prior to August 2021 will be on our Legacy package and may be eligible for an upgrade to Prodigy Level Up and Prodigy Ultimate* by following the instructions within this article (opens a new tab).

How do I find the Mythical Epics?

Level Up and Ultimate members* can embark on quests from Ulla, the Beast Professor, to help track and locate Mythical Epics.

Here's how:

1. Open the Pet Book to find the Mythical Epics tab. There you will see what Mythical Epic is available to find!

2. Select New Epic Tasks. From the Tasks screen, you will see the items you need to collect in order to help Ulla track down the Mythical Epic.


3. Select Go Collect and you will be taken to the zone where you’ll find the required items.


4. Search any plants, flowers, bushes or other interactable objects like those pictured below in the zone you’re teleported to in order to find the items that Ulla needs! 


You will see sparkles near these objects and may need to search a few to collect all you need.

5. Once you’ve found them, Ulla will ask you to return to her. Once you find her, she will show you where the Mythical Epic is!


6. You will find Ulla one screen next to where you are teleported. After finding and speaking to Ulla, follow the sparkles on-screen to find the Mythical Epic. Once you find them, battle them to start the process of taming them!


7. Repeat this process to complete any remaining tasks, once you’ve tamed your Mythical Epic you can add them to your team from the Pet Book!


One Mythical Epic will be released per month and we have plenty more updates to share on this exciting update, so keep your eye out for updates on Wizard Watch!

*Prodigy Level Up and Prodigy Ultimate packages are currently only available in the US, UK, Australia and New Zealand

Please note: Memberships acquired through Teacher Referrals and Group purchases are on our Legacy membership package and therefore not able to access the Mythical Epics.

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