Tools: Classroom Challenges

Classroom Challenges give you the ability to set Challenges for your students based on questions answered correctly at home or school in a given period. Use it to motivate math practice and encourage friendly competition!

When you create a Challenge, you can filter student progress based on Correct answers, Questions answered at home, and Questions answered at school directly from your Leaderboard.

That’s not all — once a Challenge is complete, print out fun certificates to recognize Challenge winners!

Here's how to create a Classroom Challenge:

1. From your Teacher Dashboard, navigate to the Leaderboard Widget for the classroom you'd like to create a challenge for and click Create challenge.


2. Select the duration of the challenge. Challenges can be between 1-7 days in duration.

3. You will then need to decide what criteria you'd like to set for the challenge. Choose from:

  • Most Correct Answers
  • Most Questions Answered at Home
  • Most Questions Answered at School 

4. Continue to check your Teacher Dashboard to monitor progress for the duration of the Classroom Challenge length.

5. Once the Challenge is complete, reward your top three winners with a downloadable certificate!


6. (Optional) If you need to end your challenge early for any reason, you can click Stop Challenge from the Leaderboard Widget at any time! 


Classroom Challenges FAQ

Can I still create Assessments or have students complete the Placement Test when a Classroom Challenge is in progress?

Classroom Challenges won't interfere with Assessment creation, Placement Test completion or Focus Mode activity. Assessments, the Placement Test and Focus Mode will continue as is and won’t be impacted as students complete your Challenge.

Simply put, Classroom Challenges make it easier for you to encourage friendly classroom competition. None of your eight teacher reports will be impacted.

How many Challenges can I set at one time?
You can only have one active Challenge, per classroom, at any given time.
How long can I set Classroom Challenges for?
Classroom Challenges can run from one to seven days. The minimum Challenge length is one day and the maximum length is seven days. If needed, you can stop a Challenge at any time.

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