Moving a Tutoring Subscription

Here's how to move the day and/or time of your recurring tutoring subscription (biweekly or monthly).  Should you change the day/time of your sessions, no changes will be made to your payment cycle.

Log in to your Parent Account and access the Parent Tutoring Portal, then navigate to the Manage Plan page using the menu on the left:


Select Modify on the time slot you would like changed:


From the dropdown that appears, select Move recurring time slot:


This will open your current tutor’s calendar to display their availability.  The timezone displayed is the same as was given when your sessions were purchased.


Select the day of the week, and the time slot of the new session.  A summary on the right shows the original time slot and your requested time slot.



Should you require further assistance, please click Submit a request above and select Online Tutoring from the dropdown! 

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