FAQ: Epics Return

August 25th, 2021

Yes, that’s right! Epics are making a return, and we’re so excited to share the news.

Since they were discontinued in 2019, we’ve heard from our users just how much Epics mean to them in the world of Prodigy. 

While we aren’t able to bring back the physical toys, we’re happy to announce that every Prodigy Member - new or existing - will receive one digital Epic (from a choice of three) to join them on their Prodigy Math Game adventure. 

Players will be able to choose between three powerful Epics: Chill & Char, Magmischief or Eclipse. If you already own one (or more) of those and have an active membership, you’ll be presented with another option!

All members will receive an in-game mail with an egg. Once you open the egg, you will reveal three powerful Epics. Select the Epic of your choice, and add them to your team from the Pet Book!


Who gets an Epic / How do I get an Epic?

Every Prodigy Member - new or existing! Members will receive an in-game mail item containing an egg. Crack the egg open to reveal three Epics. Users then select the Epic of their choice, which is then added to their Pet Book for use in the game!

Will I get to keep my Epic even if I cancel my membership?

Yes! These Epics awarded to members can be retained for use in the game by students regardless of subsequent membership status! 

Do Epics give players a competitive or educational advantage?

Having an Epic provides no educational advantage for students beyond potentially making Prodigy Math Game more fun and engaging, leading to more math questions being answered! 

There is also no direct competitive advantage, as Epics attacks (powerful team attacks that are used by Epics) are not permitted in 1-1 battles with other players in the game - although they can still be used against non-playable characters! 

Can I access the Epics Subspace/Epics Arena with my new Epic?

Yes! You’ll have access to this area, along with their Epic Attack. To access the Epics Arena, you'll need to select the appropriate teleporter for the Epic you chose from the egg.

For example, if you own Eclipse, you won't see them in the Epics Arena and can therefore enter their teleporter!

I own a physical Epic, do I need a membership to use it?

No! If you already purchased an Epic prior to their discontinuation, you can use them in-game regardless of your membership status.

Are Epics also provided to users with Group Memberships?

Yes! Users who have a membership acquired through a group purchase will be able to select one of three Epics.

I love my new Epic, how do I collect them all?

While each member is currently being awarded one Epic, we have lots of exciting, “Epic” announcements to share with our members in the near future. So, stay tuned!

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