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Tools: Focus Mode

Focus mode is a fantastic way for teachers to increase students' time on task! Simply toggle Focus Mode on or off from your Teacher Dashboard.


What is Focus Mode?

When you turn on Focus Mode, students visit the Tower Town location in-game and use their math skills to build unique towers that represent skill and knowledge growth. Turning on Focus Mode generally encourages students to answer more questions, as gameplay is limited and socialization is disabled, which helps students concentrate on math uninterrupted! Turning this on has no impact on the teacher experience, and can be turned off at any time from the Teacher Dashboard. 

How often do teachers need to turn on Focus Mode?

Focus Mode will automatically turn off after one hour. Teachers can turn on Focus Mode from their teacher dashboard every session.

Can students still access the rest of the game at home?

Students can access the rest of the Prodigy world when they select “Home” after logging in.

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