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Pets: Types and Lists

Below is a complete list of pets sorted by their types. In these lists, we will share their strengths, weaknesses, and also shows what they can evolve into.

Earth Pets

Earth Pets are Powerful against: Water 

Earth Pets are Weak against: Fire


Name Evolution


Bashbot Batterbot
Batterbot -
Bitbot Bashbot
Budbeak Pompalm
Claustro -
ClipClop -
Dreamlet -
Fissural Sentinel
Flyger -
Forest Caller Forest Creator
Forest Creator -
Forest Neek Forest Caller
Ivory Truckle -
Muckster -
Mystile -
Peeko Rack-rack
Pokkit Claustro
Pompalm -
Pomprikle Spindle
Rack-rack Flyger
Saplette Arboreal
Scally Fissural
Sentinel -
Shade Spectral
Spectral -
Spindle -
Sprike -
Sproot Budbeak
TripTrop ClipClop
Truckle -
Vinequeen -
Fire Pets

Fire Pets are Powerful against: Earth Pets 

Fire Pets are Powerful against: Ice Pets 

Fire Pets are Weak against: Water Pets


Name Evolution


Aracute Arachex
Ashlet Smoldash
Burnewt Singenewt
Charfoal Inferneigh
Dragic Dragling
Dragling Tarragon
Embershed -
Emburn Liosen
Flame Caller Flame Creator
Flame Creator -
Flame Neek Flame  Caller 
Flameger -
Flaria -
Hotpot -
Inferneigh Pyromane
Infernewt -
Liosen -
Mystember -
Puck Flaria
Pyromane -
Serrazig -
Singenewt Infernewt
Smoldash -
Sprite Serrazig
Tarragon -
Terromite Terrosaur
Terrosaur -
Tinyger Tyscout
Tyscout -
Ice Pets

Ice Pets are Powerful against: Storm Pets 

Ice Pets are Weak against: Fire Pets 

Name Evolution


Battabash -
Battaram Battabash
Flurrious -
Frostfang -
Frostjaw -
Hail-Tail Frostjaw
Ice Neek Ice Caller
Ice Caller Ice Creator
Ice Creator -
Ivory TripTrop -
Keeper -
Rascal Shardic
Shardic Keeper
Snowfluff Hail-Tail
Squally Tempest
Tempest Flurrious
Storm Pets

Storm Pets are Powerful against: Water Pets 

Storm Pets are Weak against: Ice Pets 


Name Evolution


Arbite -
Browl Acromi
Cloaker Arbite
Cloud Caller Cloud Creator
Cloud Gobbler -
Cloud Neek Cloud Caller
Cloud Nibbler Cloud Gobbler
Cogmite Gearsite
Evolotus -
Gearsite -
Gloricious -
Highfawn -
Hob Wick
Luminex -
Luminite Lumiot
Lumiot Luminex
Mystyyk -
Nebluff -
Nebulite -
Prodraxis -
Pterrocks -
Pterrotell Pterrocks
Snoots Highfawn
Solarasis -
Solarix Solarasis
Soral Solarix
Squawks Tribeak
Tribeak -
Vamplifier -
Wick Nebulite
Woot ZipZap
Zipzap Vamplifier
Water Pets

Water  Pets are Powerful against: Fire Pets 

Water Pets are Weak against: Storm  

Water Pets are Weak against: Earth

Name Evolution




Aquaster -
Aureate -
Beneel Fathom
Celesteate Aureate
Creela Celesteate
Crookfang -
Cuddlefin Aquamarina
Fathom -
Fishbol Aquariot
Flikflit Serrazag
Funkeel Beneel
Gnawdy Crookfang
Mermina Cuddlefin
Mimic -
River Caller River Creator
River Creator -
River Neek River Caller
Serrazag -
Squabble Squarrel
Squarrel -
Squibble Squabble
Stampeed -
Trampel Stampeed

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