The Earth Tower

Please Note:

To unlock the tower, you must acquire the Firefly Forest keystone and reach level 25.


Within the tower Earth Tower, you will have to battle your way up to the 8th floor of the tower. Once you have made your way to the top level, you will find a key to unlock the “Warden’s Office”.


Upon entering the Warden’s office, you will encounter a familiar face from the past, but more powerful.  You will have to defeat this boss in order to free the Earth Warden, who will reward them with an a rare prize, only found in through this quest.

Even after you have rescued the Warden and saved Brumble, you will be able to re-enter the Earth Tower for more prizes!

Through this update, our Prodigy wizards will now be introduced to never before seen areas, with randomly generated floors, to ensure they have a new experience each time that they enter. 

Hey Prodigy Wizards!

The placement of the remaining Warden Keystones is designed for future releases of the Academy that are not yet available.

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