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The Academy Archives


Enter the Academy to obtain items and gear - as one of our larger and more ambitious updates, the Academy contains randomly generated maps and a lockout timer.  This means each time you enter, your experience will be different, and as it has a'll only have so many chances per day for rare items!

While wizards can currently collect all five of the Warden Keystones, these will be used at a later time throughout other areas of the Academy.  Don't be fooled by what you may have heard, there is no "sixth" keystone!

Invite to the Academy Archives

Once your wizard reaches level 15, Noot will let you know that you have a letter waiting for you.  This will start your journey to the Academy.


Throughout the Academy Archives, you can earn rewards by gathering loose pages throughout the zone, or by gathering 5 golden pages and exiting through the portal.  There are various ways to obtain these items.

Loose Pages

While making your way through the archives, keep an eye out for loose pages you may find on the ground or receive from monsters.  You can trade these in for other rare items from the Academy Merchant.

academymerchant.png    normalpage.png

Golden Pages 

These special pages must all be collected in one play session of the archives, and you then must exit via the portal when you find it.  


If you try to leave before you have collected all of the pages, we will warn you about exiting early.  Once you leave, you will lose those pages, and have to wait an hour before being able to get back in!!


If you have collected all of the pages, we will also let you know that you have to leave through the portal to receive your prize.  The portal is also randomly placed in one of the rooms.


Once you have collected all 5 Golden Pages, you will be rewarded with a wheel spin and randomly assigned a rare prize, only found in the Academy Archives!  If you have already received the reward, it will instead give you more pages to use with the Academy Merchant.  Members have the option to spin a second time!


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