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Incorrect Curriculum Update

Greetings Prodigy teachers!

If you are on this page, we have updated your curriculum to align with the school information that you provided during registration. Now you and your classrooms will be associated with a school that works under one curriculum. This means that your students will receive curriculum relevant content in game! 

Please Note:


  • The placement test will re-run for any student linked to a teacher account who has received this update. They will receive a placement test specific to the new curriculum to ensure that they are working on appropriate content for their level of understanding.

  • Plans that are currently running or were created for future dates will be deleted due to mismatched curricula content.

  • Any grade overrides will be removed.

  • There will be no impact to assignments or test preps.

In case the update was incorrectly made, please fill out the form below in it's entirety so that we can further assist you.


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