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Battle System Update - September 13, 2018

Hello Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! Our team of wizards here at Prodigy have been hard at work, making their own magic behind the scenes, and we are excited to bring their work to you!  

After many long nights, with lots of pizza and coffee, we are extremely excited to announce our updated battle system for new and existing Prodigy players.

For existing players, you'll notice a lot of exciting new changes in your next wizard battle! Within your new spell-book, your spells will grow into more powerful versions, and many spells, like the new Area Spells which land on an entire team, take energy to cast.  The spellbook will also be removed from the toolbar on the main screen.

Check out this video which shows a lot of the cool features of a Wizard Battle, like how your wizard can use extra spells, and how to rescue pets to add them to your team!


Through this update, our Prodigy wizards will now be introduced to a more exciting battle system that will greatly improve your time and experience within the world.  We're introducing all new spells, area of effect spells, spell animations and sound effects to keep on the edge of your seat while battling monsters and friends.  We're also providing new magic items with their own powers such as wands & relics that will unlock even more spells, and so much more! 


Any non-astral spells will be converted to relics and placed in your backpack.  You will also notice that you now have only 4 spells, down from 6, as these are more powerful.



Wands & Relics

Wands and Relics that have POWERFUL spells attached to them are now locked to certain Wizard levels.

Wizard spells you get from quests now come as Relics. Relics are magical rings that give the wearer the ability to use the spell contained within them.


If you already got some spells from completing major quests, check your backpack for your Relics, and try them on!


Some wands have spells attached to them as well. Equip a wand to get access to that wand's spell in battle!


Click on your wand on your on your wizard, and see if it has a spell for you to use in battle.


In addition to all of the battle changes, you are no longer capturing pets, but you are rescuing them from the Puppetmaster. 


Any of the pets that you rescue will show their gratitude by joining your team.


We sure hope you like the changes that we've made! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun. 


Be sure to get social with us!

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