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Game update : Springfest!

Hello Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! Our team of wizards here at Prodigy have been hard at work, making their own magic behind the scenes, and we are excited to bring their work to you!  

We are pleased to announce Springfest! Through this exciting update, our Prodigy wizards will notice the following changes.


Starting April 4th, this cool seasonal event will introduce some new and exciting changes to Lamplight Town and some new adventures to undertake! 


Magic Eggs

Magic Eggs are appearing throughout the land! The Fox Knights and Bunny Bandits are trying to gobble up as many as they can. It's now your task to help them expand their treasure trove of bejeweled eggs. 

 Here are a few ways you can earn the Magic Eggs :

  • Once a day, a clutch of Magic Eggs will appear in Lamplight Town asking to be scooped up.


  • The monsters lurking around the island will also drop Magic Eggs upon defeat. 


Please note that the amount of Eggs dropped by the creatures will vary. 

If you venture far out into the wilds in search of Eggs, we have added an option to ensure your quick return. 

Clicking the new Egg icon in your action bar will return you to the Springfest Square!




Please note that some of the Springfest items will only be purchasable with an active premium membership.  If you would like to purchase a membership, please click the link below. 



All of the Springfest items are only available for a limited time so go out and gather those Eggs!

We sure hope you like the changes that we've made! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun. 

Let us know what you think by selecting "submit a ticket" above or write to us at

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