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Game Update - Morph Marbles! - March 6, 2018

Hello Prodigy Wizards! 

While Starlight festival has come to an end for another year, our team here at Prodigy comes along to keep the fun happening! 

The newest craze in the Prodigy world are Morph Marbles! 

Morph Marbles

Tired of being a wizard? Do you ever feel like being an owl, plant, or flame cloaked beast!? Then transform with Morph Marbles! 


You'll get two Morph Marbles just for logging in and checking your mail!


Be sure to use them by locating them in the item section of your backpack: 


Morph Marbles will randomly drop after battle or can be acquired from the Wheel of Wonder! 

Not enough for you! Not to worry, Member Morph Marbles can be purchased from Scientiest Slimerella, now conveniently located in Lamplight Square! 


Transformations are not permanent and a timer will start as soon as you transform. The timer is located in the top right corner of your screen and counts down your transformation:


If you want to end your transformation early, just click on the timer and select to end your morph. 

Transformations last for different lengths of time:

1. Non-member Morphs: 1 minute

2. Member Morphs:        10 minutes.

Check the item card description prior to using them to find out how long they'll last: 


That's it! We sure hope you have a marvelous time morphing! So get out there and release your inner fern!!!



We sure hope you like the changes that we've made! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun. 

Be sure to get social with us!

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