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Game Update - Winter Is Coming...

Hello Prodigy teachers, parents and wizards! As it comes to a close, we are excited to announce one of our largest updates of the year for all to enjoy. Winterfest is now upon us!



From now until February 1st, this cool seasonal event will introduce some new and exciting changes to Lamplight Town, some festive rewards you can purchase for your house, and the new "Daily Login Bonus" reward system!

Lamplight Town is getting some seasonal changes, and its residents have put up all the trimmings necessary for a winter wonderland! Players will be able to buy new items at the store, complete exciting new daily tasks, and earn "Magic Snowflakes" from regular wizard battles!

Visit the signpost in Lamplight's Town Square to get a description of the event details and how to earn magic snowflakes...

Throughout the event, you can earn magic snowflakes by:

1. Battling monsters (these drop as random battle rewards)

2. Finding a trickster hiding in a snowman throughout Lamplight Town once daily, for a chance to do battle for more magic snowflakes!


Magic Snowflakes

You can use your magic snowflakes to buy rewards!

Speak to Howard Cornelius in the Town Square to buy some new equipment and furniture for your house!



General Gameplay - Daily Login Bonus

Winterfest will see the introduction of the daily login bonus. The daily login bonus works by giving the player a reward for their first login each day (Additional logins on the same day do not re-reward the player). Login at least once each day and watch the rewards stack up like a pile of presents!

(Please note that this will last until after Winterfest, and remain in the game hereafter. Hooray!)

Login Bonus Example:

In the first 3 days of a daily login bonus schedule, players can earn the following:
Day 1 - Apple
Day 2 - Firecracker
Day 3 - Coins

If they log in on day 1 they'll earn the apple. If they login on day 2, they will have earned the firecracker. If they don't login on day 3 or 4 then no problem, they'll earn the coins on day 5 upon their first login. When they've earned all rewards the process stars over!

The only time the log-in bonus resets is when they've completed all "x" days in the log-in schedule (it does not reset if they miss a day)


General Gameplay - Non Linear Gameplay 

Players are now allowed to progress through the game, going to any zone they would like to.  This has removed the pre-existing zone gates that were in place that required certain areas to be completed before progressing on to the next. Wizards can now explore all the areas of the Prodigy world in any order they want! 

In addition to this, all of the enemies will scale to the wizard's appropriate level no matter which zone the player is in.  Even the zone bosses scale to your wizard's level. (They're bosses, and they still don't like us showing their hearts, so they keep them hidden!)


Pet Shop - Graphic Update

The Pet Shop has received a remodel.  They've received their new sign and windows, and got them all installed just in time for winter.  Now, it will be much easier for everyone to know which store is specifically the Pet Shop.  They have even opened up the shades on their new windows, so now you can see some of the pets that are available to take along with you in your adventures.


Educational Updates

Introducing a feature to help students understand fractions - interactive fraction strips! Students click on the up and down arrows to divide the strip into the appropriate amount of sections.

We're also introducing integer tiles for students first learning operations with integers.

50+ skills will now be getting additional hint bubbles
Minor bug fixes

We sure hope you like the cool changes that we've made! As always our team is hard at work to make Prodigy more exciting, engaging and fun. Stay frosty my friends!!

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